what to wear

The question I hear the most is ” what should we wear” people text me, email me, call me.. concerned  about what type of outfit they should wear, if they should bring wardrobe changes , props, or accessories! This blog post is dedicated to all those questions and will give you some insight in a good outfit/outfits to wear to your shoot!
Whether it be a family, engagement, portrait, or couples shoot these helpful hints apply to all!

When figuring out outfits for a session with more than one person coordination, planning and communication is key when putting your outfits together!

Helpful hint 1 : wear like colours 

A big photo shoot no-no is dressing your family alike! The children will not be happy, or feel unique and unhappy children = less desirable photos! Instead dress your family/couple in “like” colours, this will ensure a coordinated look if you’re in the same tonal range. The “females” in the session should pick their outfits out first, as there is normally bolder more unique choices in stores for ladies , and once these outfits are figured out you can coordinate choices for the lads!

Helpful hint 2: be comfortable, and feel beautiful in your outfit/s

Helpful hint 2 is very important! If you’re not comfortable in your clothing, or if you don’t feel beautiful – it will show in your emotions and facial expressions throughout the session! Also if your fidgeting with your pants, accessories, or other objects it will look awkward in photos, and you’ll need more instruction through the session which can become time consuming!  Wear something that simply makes you feel goodbeautiful, and overall you think “looks flattering” ! 

Helpful hint 3: accessories & wardrobe changes 

The answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!! Both accessories & wardrobe changes help give variety, diversity, and fun to your photos! Depending on the season you’re session is in you have different options on accessories : hats, earrings, necklaces, scarfs, glasses, jackets, purses, shawls, mittens, umbrellas, bracelets, rings … I could keep going, but I think you get the point! Wearing/changing up accessories gives the illusion of a wardrobe change without actually having the added hassle of a wardrobe change! But with that said “the hassle” of a wardrobe change is well worth it, and I am very supportive and for wardrobe changes – they give that extra spice to the session!

Helpful hint 4: ladies bring an “eye catching” pair of shoes

If your debating on bringing a wardrobe change, or are unsure on another “full” outfit be sure to bring a stunning pair of boots/shoes/sandals/heels/flats (you choose) that I can have lots of fun photographing and will make you feel special and good! I LOVE photographing boots, I don’t know what it is but there is just something about it I love!!! So be assured all scuffs and dirt are whipped off your “shoes” as I will probably have my camera up close and personal with them!!

Helpful hint 5: keep warm if necessary 

This helpful hint is especially necessary  for fall, winter & sometimes spring sessions!! As a session will last anywhere from 45 min, to above 90 minutes you don’t want to be outside in a thin sweater or jacket just because it “looks cute”. Because I can ensure you the “cuteness” of your outfit wont matter if you’re standing there looking like a frozen popsicle! So please if the day of your session is forecasted to be a bit chilly find some cute warm fuzzy accessories and jackets to throw on, and I promise you, you’ll be happy with the final outcome!

So now that I have given you my personal 5 helpful hints on what to wear; get shopping, or closet digging and leave the rest up to me!!! See you at your sessions!


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