Baby Pott’s [Maternity session]

This maternity session was very near and dear to my heart. Melissa has been a family friend since childhood and it was such a pleasure to capture this exciting time in their lives as they begin the journey of becoming parents and starting their own family. Melissa is radiant and just glows as a mommy-to-be. Her and Phil make an amazing pair, and as parents you can just tell they will be amazing!  We had a lot of fun with their maternity session, and I can’t wait for Baby Pott’s to be here to photographer he or she’s cuteness – and baby snuggles of course ( because baby snuggles as the best)!

Come on Baby Pott’s everyone’s waiting to meet you
Baby Potts-2Baby Potts-7 Baby Potts-11 Baby Potts-8 Baby Potts-3 Baby Potts-39Baby Potts-44 Baby Potts-37 Baby Potts-34 Baby Potts-33 Baby Potts-32Baby Potts-48 Baby Potts-30 Baby Potts-41 Baby Potts-27Baby Potts-30 Baby Potts-28Baby Potts-46Baby Potts-31



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